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Comprehensive VT100, VT102, VT220, ANSI, xterm, and xterm-color terminal emulator over SSH and telnet, integrated with a tunneled X server, RDP and VNC client.
iSSH is the only SSH client in the App Store that supports tunneled VNC, RDP and X client connections, arbitrary port tunneling and mosh compatibility.

Avaible in Version 5.x:
  • User configurable key pie menu and soft keyboard that allows for any combination of keys and macros
  • Private key import and export via iPhone 3.0 clipboard (using standard OpenSSH key formats)
  • Additional and improved X fonts
  • Wake on LAN support
  • Connection organizer
  • iPad support
  • Support for multitasking and holding open connections for up to 10 minutes at a time on devices that support multitasking.
  • SSH tunnel support
  • Rolled out user-configured key pie menu keys into keyboard accessory on iPad
  • Built-in, optional dwm integrated window manager
  • ssh-agent support
  • Identity and key import wizard
  • Bluetooth/keyboard dock support for iPad
  • Improved wide-character encoding support
  • Connection configuration import/export
  • RDP (Windows Remote Desktop) support
  • Customizable themes
  • Mosh compatibility
Road Map: (in order of expected completion)
  • Serial cable connections
  • Connection import via Dropbox/iCloud/etc
  • Integrated barcode scanning
  • ECDSA key support

Feature and Product Comparision

  iSSH pTerm SSH Term
                                  Pro Throughput
VT100 Emulation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Basic SSH Features[1] Yes Yes Yes Yes
Basic UI Features[2] Yes Yes Yes Yes
Telnet and Raw connections Yes Yes No No
Configurable Terminal Colors Yes No Yes Yes
ANSI/Color/Xterm Emulation Yes Yes No No
Configurable keys/macros Yes No No Yes
Application Lock Yes No Yes Yes
Selectable Fonts Yes No Yes Yes
Translucent UI Yes No Yes Yes
Programmable Gestures No No No Yes
Tunnels Yes Yes No No
Simultaneous Connections Yes No No No
Classic BBS ANSI compatibility Yes No No No
iPhone OS 3.0 Cut and Paste Yes No No No
Server Reachability and Testing Yes No No No
Tunneled X Server Yes No No No
Tunneled VNC client Yes No No No
Full screen iPad support Yes Yes No No

[1]Basic SSH features include encryption, port settings and RSA/DSA key generation/exchange.
[2]Basic UI features include text zoom and non-standard iPhone key support.

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Connection List
                    Interface Font rendering
                    clarity Custom Font,
                    Transparent Keyboard and Key Pie Menu Zoomed Text Multiple connections